Paralogistics Hamburg/Lagos Nigeria

Hamburg is a harbour city. Nevertheless for most of us, citizens and residents of Hamburg, it got extremely difficult to use the harbour for our own purposes. The big industries of transport and tourism control the port. Nevertheless, there are hydrarchic connections somewhere under the radar. We just have to find them and make them bigger.

For example, the small scale trade that is going on between the port of Hamburg and the port of Lagos Nigeria.

Hamburg Port Hydrarchy is asking: How is Hamburg’s trade with Africa currently changing through the expertise, agendas and networks of those, who recently came to Hamburg from Africa?

Following the logics of logistics, as well as questioning them, we want to look at supply chains from Hamburg to Lagos/Nigeria and possibly back, including people and things in Hamburg and people and things in Lagos. How can Hamburg port be developed to foster this small scale trade?

Following this link to german public tv you find crucial information about this small scale trade from Hamburg Port:

Reclaimer: Please ignore the wrong angle and propaganda of the journalistic approach! Actually only 9 % of goods sent to Lagos through small scale trade is treated as trash in Nigeria.

Next open meeting in paralogistics: Ladenbüro Heidritterstraße 5, 28.4.2016, 20 Uhr.