Hamburg Port Authority gives the following “philosophy” statement on their website:

With a view to the future of the Port of Hamburg, we are constantly looking for innovative approaches to allow us to sustainably exploit the growth potential of the port and strengthen and expand its position in the long term. Solution- and future-oriented thinking and trading define our work in all divisions and form the basis for a unifying concept for the Port of Hamburg, both now and in the future.

We couldn’t agree more.

Nevertheless, following the work of the HPA for quite some time now, we found that HPA is actually not seeing the full potential of the port, but is focussing solely on the interests of big industries in trade and tourism. This is why we set up the Hamburg Port Hydrarchy blog to look at innovative approaches and potentials beyond the scope of big industries. This includes small scale seatrade and port-related businesses, as well as cultural and activist approaches to the port and the seas. Thereby, Hamburg Port Hydrarchy supports a development that is claiming the port for the interests of civil society in Hamburg, at sea and in transnational alliances.

Hamburg Port Hydrarchy has been started by geheimagentur, a performance collective that opened the first alternative cruise ship terminal AKT in Hamburg harbour (summer 2015). geheimagentur now embarked on a long term research regarding alternative uses of the port. Geheimagentur invites everyone to use this blog for information and thoughts. If you’d like to be a part of Hamburg Port Hydrarchy and to post on this blog, please contact us at info@geheimagentur.net!


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