What’s moving in Lagos?

Hamburg Port Hydrarchy has followed and documented the entanglements of things, people and oceans between Hamburg and the port of Lagos. During our stay in Lagos research has been rich: We encountered Lagos Hydrachy, people, with whom we envisioned how to support new paralogistical chains of movement and being moved.

Looking at the world together everything seemed to turn into an opportunity for a connection, into the Zone of EFRITIN. We learned how to survive on Tin Can Island and about the vernacular beauty of Makoko community. We visited Fala Kutis Shrine and were told that, the secret of life is to have no fear (which is also true for Lagos traffic btw). We will give a full report along with a detailed proposal to intensify co-movement with Lagos Hydrarchy at the HPH assembly, Novemver 9-11, MS Stubnitz, Hamburg Port.

Many thanks to our inspiring guides and partners from Valuehandlers Int. Ltd.!



Hydrarchy Team on its way to Lagos Nigeria

To explore the small scale trade of used household goods between Hamburg Port and Lagos a team of Hamburg Port Hydrarchy  has left Hamburg for Nigeria today.

In Lagos we are going to meet Adetayo George Adewoye, trade agent and owner of the company VHI Cargo (valuehandlers.com). He will be our guide to explore paralogistical connections between Lagos and Hamburg. With him we are going to visit Lagos’ harbour and markets.

Later this week we are going to meet, Aderemi Adegbite, Artistic Director of the Vernacular Art Laboratory, who is going to show us Makoko: Makoko